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Accountancy - wide offer of services of the Accountancy Office

  • keeping revenues and expenses ledger

  • full accountancy – accounting books

  • balances and foreign currency balances

  • tax records, tax calculation, issuing declarations

  • financial statements provided by the auditor

  • and many other professional services

Debt collection and monitoring of liabilities include among others:

  • payment demand made without the involvement of a client

  • permanent debt collection - debt collection stamp

  • monitoring receivables and pre-trial notifications

  • procedures for arbitration

  • simplified receivables claims in court

  • and many other professional services

Keeping employee records and payroll documentation includes among others:

  • employee remuneration calculation and work timesheets settlement

  • employees contracts preparation

  • maintaining employee records

  • intermediation in the transfer of remuneration

  • conducting health and safety training by a certified instructor

  • and many other professional services

Advisory and legal services include among others:

  • operational activity optimization audit

  • agreements and contracts assessment and preparation

  • setting up a business activity and capital companies

  • the case preparation within the court proceedings

  • legal representation

  • and many other professional services

Business activity supporting services include among others:

  • address rental for a business registration

  • incoming mail and courier shipment operation

  • translation and sworn translation

  • archiving documents and electronic archiving

  • reception and delivery of documentation by courier

  • and many other professional services

Comprehensive insurance service:

  • provided thanks to own insurance agency

Customs agency services, logistics and distribution services:

  • provided thanks to own customs agency and shipping


We offer a wide range of professional accounting services for both large enterprises keeping trade books and single-person business activities, which are accounted using the tax revenue and expense ledger, tax card or lump sum. We know how many doubts you may have considering formalities for running the business, that is why our specialists deal with accounting of the companies in every industry.

Human Resources and Payroll, employee Records, Health and safety at work

As a part of our services, we offer services in the field of HR, a full service of human resources, payroll, social security, as well as correct opening of employee records and training in the field of health and safety. We absolve employers from the time-consuming and specialized activities related to employees recruitment. In order to be able to draw up all documents in accordance with applicable regulations our specialist are trained on an ongoing basis.


One of the services offered to our customers is a regular collaboration in the field of the ongoing advisory service. It is one of the most popular services are client frequently ask for. It is based primarily on the ongoing response to the current legal and tax problems of our clients, and even more ... we advise and assist our clients in establishing their business, conduct audits and provide debt recovery services.

liability insurance (OC), motor hull insurance (AC), accident insurance, property and business insurance

We specialize in insurance advisory and sale for both individuals and businesses. Requirements of the clients and these of the market cause rapid development of the insurance department which enables our specialists to sell all kinds of insurance services. We also help in the field of insurance contract termination, fill-in forms in case of a transfer to another insurance company. We sell car, property and business insurance.


We offer handling and storage services. Thanks to our services, the client no longer has to worry about transshipment of goods, storage, or shipment of goods in batches. We also provide services relating to de-moulding and repacking of goods into the client's packages and even to the initial quality control. At the same time, we place great emphasis on the commercial data protection and all information concerning product documentation.


Thanks to our own customs agency we provide our clients with full customs and statistical service. We execute customs clearance in all customs offices subordinated under the Customs Chamber in Katowice, in respect to any customs procedure. We also provide advisory services and represent the client in customs proceedings before the customs offices. It is in our power to secure duties with the general security. Our office provides a comprehensive service of Intrastat.