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We offer comprehensive assistance with a business set-up, such as: legal form advisory, taxation method and a co-partnership agreement development.

Co-partnerships establishment: a general partnership, partnership, and limited partnership.

Capital companies establishment: a limited liability company.



   • Entrepreneurs registration, updating data - applications CEDG-1,

   • Registration and updating data in the Statistical Office - applications RG-1,

   • Registrations, updates, power of attorney in the Tax Office,

   • Registrations, updates, power of attorney in the Social Security Office,

   • Companies registration in the National Court Register.




Financial liquidity is the basis of the smooth operation of each company. We offer our clients a comprehensive debt collection service. Carrying out the actions we take care of the positive image of a client, with individual attitude to each order, providing the highest level of service. We combine professionalism, speed and efficiency in action. Upon request of the client we are able to order legal support to handle court and litigation enforcement proceedings of indicated cases.


1) Debt collection stamp

Using debt collection stamp serves to discipline counterparties to settle any payment within set deadlines, and to raise awareness of delayed payment consequences.

It is a proven tool making counterparties to pay on time. Affixing the stamp on issued invoices, notes of interest or payment demands indicates that in the event of failure to pay on time, the debt will be forwarded to a debt collection agency. The seal was designed in such a way as to attract the attention of the payer. It is a red colour appearing on the invoice to focus on.


2) Monitoring receivables

Monitoring receivables is conducted in two stages:

- Before the due date - phone call to the client takes place even before the date of payment, e.g. 2-5 days before the due date. During the phone call, the client is informed of the invoice for a specific amount and date of the impending payment. Reminder on payment date has a preventive goal and prevents from delays in settling debts.

- Monitoring receivables with a very short period of delinquency - applies to situations where the debtor is in arrears with payment not longer than 30 days from the end of maturity.


3) Litigation and Enforcement

Litigation and Enforcement after exhausting all other possibilities in the arbitration proceedings. Bringing of an action before the competent court allows for a writ of execution, which allows for enforcement proceedings initiation. With a proper supervision of the conduct of enforcement debt collection can be effective.



Thanks to our experience and ongoing training, we offer our clients comprehensive solutions for tax, financial and legal security as well as achieving the desired business goals.

The aim of the current tax advisory is to assist our clients on the tax aspects of management and the correct and reliable execution of tax obligations.

 We make both the legal results assessment and tax results assessment (under all tax liabilities), as well as the balance sheet and business results. On an ongoing basis we analyse each document and propose different solutions.


Optimization measures apply to both fixed elements of business processes in enterprises, including the supply of goods, marketing, investment and repairs, employees remuneration as well as single actions including, for instance, investment projects, new ways of promotion or contract with a new business partner.



Tax audit is a comprehensive study in order to diagnose and reduce but also eliminate irregularities and any potential related tax risks. In addition, the tax audit is an extremely effective tool for the optimization of the tax charged, which creates a real opportunity to improve the financial result.

To ensure the highest quality service, the work on tax audit is performed by an experienced team of tax advisors and auditors based on our own method.

After the prepared audit conducted by our specialists, a comprehensive report is transferred to the client.


We offer a wide range of professional accounting services for both large enterprises keeping trade books and single-person business activities, which are accounted using the tax revenue and expense ledger, tax card or lump sum. We know how many doubts you may have considering formalities for running the business, that is why our specialists deal with accounting of the companies in every industry.

Human Resources and Payroll, employee Records, Health and safety at work

As a part of our services, we offer services in the field of HR, a full service of human resources, payroll, social security, as well as correct opening of employee records and training in the field of health and safety. We absolve employers from the time-consuming and specialized activities related to employees recruitment. In order to be able to draw up all documents in accordance with applicable regulations our specialist are trained on an ongoing basis.


One of the services offered to our customers is a regular collaboration in the field of the ongoing advisory service. It is one of the most popular services are client frequently ask for. It is based primarily on the ongoing response to the current legal and tax problems of our clients, and even more ... we advise and assist our clients in establishing their business, conduct audits and provide debt recovery services.

liability insurance (OC), motor hull insurance (AC), accident insurance, property and business insurance

We specialize in insurance advisory and sale for both individuals and businesses. Requirements of the clients and these of the market cause rapid development of the insurance department which enables our specialists to sell all kinds of insurance services. We also help in the field of insurance contract termination, fill-in forms in case of a transfer to another insurance company. We sell car, property and business insurance.


We offer handling and storage services. Thanks to our services, the client no longer has to worry about transshipment of goods, storage, or shipment of goods in batches. We also provide services relating to de-moulding and repacking of goods into the client's packages and even to the initial quality control. At the same time, we place great emphasis on the commercial data protection and all information concerning product documentation.


Thanks to our own customs agency we provide our clients with full customs and statistical service. We execute customs clearance in all customs offices subordinated under the Customs Chamber in Katowice, in respect to any customs procedure. We also provide advisory services and represent the client in customs proceedings before the customs offices. It is in our power to secure duties with the general security. Our office provides a comprehensive service of Intrastat.